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  • 1. Solar Power Satellite


    1. A Feasibility Assessment for Providing Energy to Remote Installations via Space Solar

    2. Conceptual Design of Korean Space Solar Power Satellite

    3. High Power Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Management for a pilot MW SPS

    4. Powering Space: Advances in Concepts for & Applications of Solar Power Satellites

    5. Space Mirror Orbit for Municipal Street Lighting

    6. Moonbeam Power Scenario

    7. Use of the Moon to Fabricate Solar Cells for Space Solar Power Satellites

    8. three-phases modular construction demonstration scheme for mw-class mr-sps

    9. Lightweight Solar Panels: Space based Solar Power

    10. microwave-beamed space-based solar power from cubesats to power households in remote areas and in cities with dense cloud cover

    11. Space Solar Power - Student Competition Finalist

    12. Space Solar Power - Student Competition Finalist

    . solar space - the in-orbit power supplier