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  • 2. Wireless Power Transmission Technologies and Application


    1. current status of the ssps development and the result of ground to air microwave power transmission experiment.

    2. CASSIOPeiA: Beamed Power Through the Long Lunar Night

    3. Challenges of Space Power and Ancillary Services Beaming: Key to Opening the Cislunar Marketplace

    4. A Solar Power Satellite Sending a 1 MW Infrared Beam from GEO to Concentrating Solar Power Modules on the Ground

    5. System Design of Wireless Power Transmission for Electric Powered UAV

    6. Using Space Elevator to Bring Space-Based Power Plants’ Energy Down to Earth

    7. Design and development of a Dyson Swarm to enhance the energy reception from parent star using solar sails.

    8. Centrifugal Laser Space Solar Power Plants: Design Prospects and Implementation Features

    9. Architectural Design Considerations for a Robotic Power Infrastructure on the Moon

    10. Wireless electrification in satellite sub-systems

    11. Wireless Power System Approaches For Planetary Rover Exploration

    12. Wireless Power Transfer Technology using Solar Power Harnessing Satellite and Rectenna.