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  • 4. Space Power System for Ambitious Missions


    1. On-Orbit Flight Testing of the Roll-Out Solar Array

    2. Feasibility Study of a Lunar-Based Concentrated Solar Power Plant

    3. A Control Framework for Autonomous Smart Grids for Space Power Applications

    4. In-situ resourced solar power generation and storage for a sustainable Moon Village

    5. A Power System for Lunar Human Presence Enabled by Solar Cell Fabrication on the Moon

    6. Lunar Power Station

    7. Mars Habitat Power Optimization, Results and Development

    8. Power Systems for Venus Surface Missions

    9. Design Considerations for the Development of a Surface Power Infrastructure to Facilitate Human Exploration of Titan

    10. The Space Environmental Electrical Power Subsystem (SEEPS): energy harvesting supporting microsatellite exploration of the outer solar system

    11. System Architecture for power generation, management and maintenance of a nuclear plant on the Lunar Surface for In-Situ Resources Utilization

    12. Development of Standard Deployable Solar Panel Module for CubeSat Application