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  • 10. Propulsion Technology (3)


    1. A test rig for measuring rotordynamic force coefficients of seals, hydrostatic bearings and impellers: summary of a decade of tests

    2. Status report Prometheus L-PBF turbine program

    3. Electric Sail Propulsion for Deep Space Missions

    4. Development of a Low Cost Cold Gas Reaction Control System

    5. Design Considerations for Relativistic Laser Sails

    6. evaluation of additively manufactured liquid rocket engine cooling channels

    7. Development of low-cost hypergolic propulsion systems in IHI Aerospace

    8. Cold gas experiments on linear, thrust-vectored Aerospike nozzles through secondary injection

    9. Parametric study of combustion instability in a multi-injector rocket combustor using 2D planar Detached Eddy Simulations

    10. Black Engine Ceramic Rocket Propulsion

    11. development status of numerical simulations for rocket engine design activities - towards precise prediction of combustion instabilities -

    12. Status report SWAN sandwich nozzle program for Ariane 6

    13. Analysis of Abnormal Combustion Phenomenon in a Bipropellant 150N Liquid Rocket Engine during Start-up Transient

    14. EmDrive Thrust/Load Characteristics. Theory, Experimental Results and a Moon Mission.

    15. Reduced Kinetic Mechanisms for Methane-Oxygen Rockets to Mars

    . A sub-scale simulated altitude test system for the large thrust upper-stage LO2/LH2 engine of heavy launch rocket

    . Development of re-usable liquid propulsion rocket engines (LOX / LNG) based on turbo pump fed transpiration cooled, ceramic thrust chambers

    . investigation of cryogenic pressure surges in the dlr lumen project