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  • 2. Propulsion System (2)


    1. KEYNOTE: OmegA Launch Vehicle

    2. Ariane 6 and Vega-C programs: the P120C SRM nozzle qualification

    3. Performance evaluation of 4D Carbon-Carbon throat insert through Hot test of Solid Motor

    4. Design and Developmental Challenges of Slow Burning Solid Booster for Sub-orbital Hyper Sonic re-entry Experiment

    5. Performance and environmental impact prediction of SRMs. Road map for reliable dataset of particles in plume

    6. Analysis of Solid Propellant Combustion Using Image Processing Techniques

    7. Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV) Preliminary Architecture Assessment Overview

    8. A Study on New Hybrid Rocket Engine with Multi-Section Swirl Injection and Aft Counter-Swirl Injection Method

    9. Real-time regression rate measurement of an additive-manufactured functional hybrid rocket fuel

    10. Cost-Effective Hybrid Rocket Launch Vehicle of Taiwan

    11. Green Fuels for Rocket Propulsion: Current Status and Future Perspectives of Paraffin-based Formulations

    12. dynamic response of thrust modulation in hybrid rocket for VTVL propulsion system

    13. Performance Analysis of N2O/CO2 Oxidizer Mixture with Paraffin based Micro-Aluminum Fuel for Mars Ascent Vehicles

    . Analysis and experiments considering 98%+ Hydrogen Peroxide hybrid rocket motors with additive manufactured fuel grains