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  • 4. Electric Propulsion


    1. KEYNOTE: “Lab to Launch”

    2. Electric Propulsion Research and Development at NASA

    3. GT-50 RF ion thruster: development status and principal solutions

    4. Electric Propulsion System SPS-25 with Hall Thruster

    5. Electric micropropulsion research at Beijing Institute of Technology

    6. Development Status of the HT5k high voltage model

    7. Experimental development of Radio-frequency Power based Plasma Engine for Deep Space Missions

    8. The ArianeGroup Electric Propulsion Product Family

    9. Verification of miniaturized electric propulsion systems through a small test platform

    10. Qualification Status of the PPS®5000 Hall Thruster Unit

    11. INPPS Flagship: Cluster of Electric Thrusters

    12. Discussion quasi-steady state of operating MPD thruster with specialized pulsed power supply

    13. Electric Propulsion Missions to Uranus, Neptune and Beyond

    . life tests of ion thruster in LIP of China

    . Value proposition for innovative HEMPT ion thrusters in a challenging space electrical propulsion market