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  • 6. New Missions Enabled by New Propulsion Technology and Systems


    1. Air, carbon dioxide and water as oxidizers for metal-based fuels for aerospace propulsion and future space missions

    2. Fitting a high total impulse electric propulsion system in a student CubeSat to compensate the atmospheric drag in low-earth orbit

    3. Inductive Plasma Thruster (IPT) design for an Atmosphere-Breathing Electric Propulsion System (ABEP)

    4. Impact of propulsion system characteristics on the potential for cost reduction of earth observation missions at very low altitudes

    5. GEO telecommunication satellite: new opportunities enabled by a 20kW class Hall thruster

    6. 3U Nanosatellite with Electric Propulsion as a Moon Probe for a Flyby Mission

    7. Rotary solar sail for nanosatellite constellation formation

    8. The Value Proposition of Multi-Megawatt Electric Power/Propulsion for the Human Exploration of Mars

    9. Manned mission to Europa using Advanced positron drive

    10. Prospects for the use of helicon thrusters for space exploration

    11. The Kon-Tiki Mission – Demonstrating Large Solar Sails for Deep Space Missions

    12. Launch System Solutions for Interstellar Travel