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  • session 8-B4.5A
  • 8-B4.5A. Joint Session between IAA and IAF for Small Satellite Propulsion Systems


    1. High-Maturity Electric Propulsion System for Enabling Deep Space CubeSat Missions

    2. LightSail 2: Controlled Solar Sail Propulsion Using a CubeSat

    3. ground test results of the water resistojet propulsion system aquarius flight model installed on a 6u cubesat: equuleus

    4. performance improvement of mems micro-thrusters through novel double depth aerospike design

    5. Enhancement of microsatellites' mission capabilities: integration of REGULUS electric propulsion module into UniSat-7

    6. Freeform Propellant Delivery System for Cubesats

    7. Versatile, low cost, micro-propulsion technology demonstration platform using the 3U CubeSat standard

    8. The Comet Thruster: On-Orbit Results and Expanding Production Capability

    9. Characterization of Film Evaporating Microcapillaries for Micronewton Thrusters

    10. PET-100: the ultimate electrospray thruster for CubeSat constellations

    11. Overview of Electric and Advanced Propulsion Developments at TU Dresden

    12. development of n2o/hdpe hybrid rocket for microsatellite propulsion

    13. Development and qualification of the IFM Micro Thruster