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  • 9. Hypersonic Air-breathing and Combined Cycle Propulsion


    1. KEYNOTE: Test Complex M11: Research on Future Orbital Propulsion Systems and Scramjet Engines

    2. Ultra-fast laser-absorption techniques for performance characterization of advanced airbreathing hypersonic propulsion systems

    3. Bantam After Burning Rocket Engine (ABRE) propulsion system for a reusable hypersonic test bed

    4. CFD Analysis of Supersonic Turbulent Compressible Flows with detailed Plume Structure for Single and Multi-Nozzles for Aerospace Vehicles Design

    5. Chemical time scales distribution for scramjet operation

    6. Development of rocket-ramjet propulsion based on continuously rotating detonation

    7. Dynamic Modeling of Ramjet Engine Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm

    8. Experimental Investigation of Hydrocarbon Based Fuels in Solid Fuel Ramjet Propulsion

    9. Experimental research for the effects of trailing edge structure on the supersonic mixing layer

    10. Fuzzy Control of Shock Position of wide range ramjet

    11. Numerical investigation on Nonlienar Dynamic Response of the Ramjet Engine to freestream perturbations based on WENO scheme

    12. CFD Investigation of Ramjet Flameholder Near-wake Flow Based on OpenFOAM Framework


    14. Research on Boundary Layer Combustion for Skin-Friction Reduction

    15. Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow and Combustion in Ramjet Chamber with Non-uniform Inflow

    . Performance Analysis and Optimization for a Precooled Air Turbo Rocket Engine Using Dual Fuel of Liquefied Natural Gas and Kerosene

    . Research on Ramjet Aircraft Overall and Scramjet Parameters Coordination Design