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  • 2. Space Systems Architectures


    1. KEYNOTE: Mission and Spacecraft Design Challenges of the Sun-Earth L5 Point Lagrange Space Weather Monitoring Mission

    2. A Preliminary Architecture Optimization for In-Space Assembled Telescopes

    3. design optimization of a space virtual telescope mission using a cubesat swarm

    4. Distributed correlators for satellite swarms

    5. Mission and System Architecture for an Operational Network of Earth Observation Satellite Nodes

    6. sa-4s – trl increase activities and preliminary results for the sab aerospace separation system

    7. concept for the nasa power and propulsion element leveraging a commercial satellite bus

    8. Applying the model-based conceptual design approach to ADCS development: a case study of a CubeSat swarm mission

    9. Swarm RPO and Docking Simulation on a 3DOF Air Bearing Platform