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  • session 4A
  • 4A. Space Systems Engineering - Methods, Processes and Tools (1)


    1. Robust decision making for lunar resource utilization

    2. Optimizing Constellation Design Using Knowledge-Driven Optimization: TAT-C ML's Tradespace Search Executive

    3. Quantifying the impact of systems interdependencies in space systems architectures

    4. A Component-Resource Model for Evolutionary Spacecraft Design

    5. Systems Concurrent Engineering techniques applied to map and monitor the coral reef in the Brazilian coast using a satellite mission

    6. VaMEx-VTB – A Modular Virtual Tesbed for Multimodal Autonomous Planetary Missions

    7. The methodological investigation and practical exploration of the technology system in aerospace industry

    8. Agile Space Systems Management

    9. Scrum Scoring Tool for Space Electronics Development