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  • Lessons Learned at RAPIS-1 working with startup company

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    The RAPIS-1 (RAPid Innovative payload demonstration Satellite 1) was launched 18th January 2019 by the EPSILON 4th launcher form the Uchinoura Space Center (USC) of JAXA. Its missions are technology demonstration for space parts and space components which uses innovative technologies. The RAPIS-1 was developed by AXELSPACE corporation , a space startup company was founded 2008 under contract with JAXA. The contract to develop the RAPIS-1 was the first contract between AXELSPACE and JAXA even including the launch contract. This fact also meant that JAXA signed up with space startup the first time.
     This paper will be describe the overview of the Innovative satellite demonstration program and the missions and objectives of RAPIS-1. This will also described the founding, awareness and difficulty on making the first contract with startup company.
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