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  • The latest development status of H3

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    Mr. Yorichika Mihara, Japan, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.



    The overarching goal of H3 is to provide the easy and frequent access to space for not only Japanese government, scientists, but also all customers in the world.
    In order to respond to the high expectation of customers, MHI and JAXA have set the detailed development plan to achieve the H3 maiden flight in FY2020 that is the path to market. MHI has been playing key role in the H3 launch vehicle development with strong support from JAXA. In this program, MHI advances the development of H3 launch vehicle based on rich experience as a developer, manufacture, operator, and launch service provider of H-II, H-IIA and H-IIB. JAXA, MHI and all of our partners have combined the wisdom of development team member to make a success of H3 project under extremely tight budget.
    Now, one of the important events of the H3 development test, the new 1st stage propulsion system hot firing test is now on going successfully.
    The latest status of the H3 development is reported in this paper.
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