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  • 4. Future Space Transportation Systems


    1. Ariane Next, A vision for the next generation of Ariane launchers

    2. European Next Reusable Ariane (ENTRAIN): A Multidisciplinary Study on a VTVL and a VTHL Booster Stage

    3. Development status of Japanese reusable experimental vehicle RV-X

    4. Innovation towards conception - How to design the future generations of space transportation systems.

    5. Retro Propulsion Assisted Landing Technologies (RETALT): Current Status and Outlook of the EU Funded Project on Reusable Launch Vehicles

    6. Preliminary Design of Suborbital Spaceplane with LNG Engines by a Japanese University Start-up with the Partnership of Industries

    7. software-defined launch vehicle

    8. Powerful & Flexible Future Launchers in 2- or 3-stage Configuration

    9. Conceptual Design Optimization of Winged Suborbital Vehicles for High-Speed Point-to-Point Transportation

    10. A Conceptual Design Study for an Unmanned, Reusable Cargo Lunar Lander