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  • 6. Future Space Transportation Systems Verification and In-Flight Experimentation


    1. CALLISTO: A cooperation for an in flight demonstration of reusability

    2. Wind Tunnel investigations in CALLISTO - Reusable VTVL Launcher First Stage Demonstrator

    3. Brazilian Suborbital Rockets for Hypersonic Flight Testing: A Review and a Market Perspective

    4. present status of system verifications studies by reusable vehicle experiment

    5. Space Rider’s possible applications

    6. Numerical and experimental analysis of aerodynamics of BIGOS 4 rocket, a 1:2 scale model of PERUN suborbital rocket.

    7. Mini Irene Project: Ground Demonstrator Plasma Wind Tunnel Testing

    8. The ILR-33 AMBER 2K ROCKET – dedicated access to suborbital experimentation

    9. Numerical Crash Simulation of the Reusability Flight Experiment ReFEx

    10. Access to space with a reusable aerodynamic vehicle

    11. Theoretical and experimental solutions for multistage quasi-guided rocket

    12. Flight Testing of an Aerial Liquid Oxygen Transfer System