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  • 7. Small Launchers: Concepts and Operations


    1. Current Commercial Landscape of Small Satellite Launch Services in the US and Europe

    2. Frequent and reliable small satellite launch on Electron

    3. LauncherOne: The Dedicated launch Solution for Small Satellites

    4. Conceptual design of a nanolauncher based aerospike nozzle to send CubeSats from Mexico.

    5. Blue Whale 1: System Engineering and Integration Results for South Korean Micro Launcher

    6. development and launch operation of a hydrocarbon/liquid oxygen orbital/sub-orbital launcher for small satellites

    7. the design, implementation and test flight result of the first chinese commercial launch vehicle system, zq-1

    8. A Game-changing, European Small Launch Vehicle for Sustainable Access to Space

    9. The promise of a small launcher affordable supply.

    10. The design and development of a 100 km two-stage electromechanical parachute recovery system

    11. ALTAIR Semi-Reusable Air-Launch System – Lessons Learned from System Design and Flight Experiments

    12. Optimized preliminary design of a nanosat launch vehicle based on suborbital rocket VSB-30

    13. Principles from 2 Small SRM-based Launcher Design/Developments

    . 2019 a year of a breakthroughs