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  • 1. Strategies & Architectures as the Framework for Future Building Blocks in Space Exploration and Development


    1. Building a Sustainable Lunar Architecture – A Proposed Approach

    2. Scenarios & Architectures for the Moon Village

    3. The Moon Village: strategies and architectures for growth.

    4. An Approach to Endogenously Incentivizing Commercial Participation through System Architecture Choices

    5. Is the Deep Space Gateway in the Right Place?

    6. Incentive Design for Commercial Participation in Space Logistics Infrastructure Development and Deployment

    7. Lunar Tourism: Catalyst for Jumpstarting a Cislunar Economy

    8. Autonomous Multirobot Technologies for Mars Mining Base Construction and Operation

    9. Do Humans Have a Future in Moon or Mars Gravity?

    10. Mission and System Design for EROSS project: the European Robotic Orbital Support Services

    11. Towards a Comprehensive Reuse Strategy for Space Campaigns

    . FUTURE FRONTIERS: Enabling Human Expansion Across the Solar System

    . Strategic Space Resources: A key strategy for pursuing sustainable space exploration and development