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  • 2A. Systems and Infrastructures to Implement Sustainable Space Development and Settlement - Systems


    1. Research On Fault-Tolerant and Self-Adaptive Reconfigurable Mars Explorer With Distributed Intelligent Technology

    2. ISRU in Support of an Architecture for a Self-Sustained Lunar Base

    3. The First Commercial Airlock Module: Building the Commercial Space Market

    4. Planetary Autonomous Construction System (P@X)

    5. Fill ’er up! A Functional Analysis of a Cryogenic Propellant Depot at Earth-Moon L1

    6. In-Space Assembly: Human System Integration Considerations

    7. Evolution of ISS as Technology Development, Demonstration, and Deployment (TD**3) Infrastructure to Support Commercialization of Low Earth Orbit and Beyond

    8. Adaptive In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU) Systems For Long Term Space Development

    9. Reducing the Cost of Long-Duration Human Spaceflight with Torpor-Inducing Transfer Habitats

    10. Space Science and Technology Partnership Forum: Insights and Recommendations for Collaboration on In-Space Assembly

    11. solar electric grid design for a simple moon base

    12. EDEN: Extraterrestrial Distributed Ecoculture Network

    . Commercial Interplanetary Communications – The Operator’s Perspective

    . Requirement Exploration and Identification for Semi-Autonomous Robotic Assembly and Operations of a Moon Surface Base