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  • 4. Space Technology and System Management Practices and Tools


    1. NASA’s Capability-Focused Process for Prioritizing New Technology Investments

    2. Is it possible to be Space Agile? A new approach for Space Mission Design and Implementation through an Hybrid Agile Methodology

    3. Major Results of the First Mining Space Summit

    4. Space System Architecting for Commercial Suitability: A Case Study in Cislunar Space Transportation

    5. investment strategy for the government r&d in space development: a case of republic of korea

    6. The 2020 NASA Technology Taxonomy

    7. Technology Concepts Evaluation and Considerations for Future Lunar and Cislunar Mission Planning: The Lunar Gateway Case

    8. On Design-engineering and managing of complex structures - from The ISS to the Moon Village

    9. Quantitative Technology Assessment in Space Mission Analysis

    10. Space research project management can benefit from engineering technology selection methods

    11. Applying Future Foresight in Space Sector- UAESA Case Study