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  • 3. Space Environment and effects on space missions


    1. classification of solar events using machine learning and satellite accelerometers

    2. Ionospheric Modeling during Geomagnetic Storm for Space Weather Application

    3. Phenomenological Earth Radiation Belts Modeling: The 5DRBM-E and 5DRBM-P Models for Trapped Electrons and Protons

    4. Ensuring Operational Space Safety in an Unpredictable Space Environment

    5. Extreme Auroral Charging in High Inclination, Low-Earth Orbits

    6. Return plasma current interactions between a capacitively coupled plasma thruster and spacecraft surfaces

    7. Risk Assessment for Spacecraft Surface Discharging Induced by Micro Space Debris

    8. Assessment of Space Environment effects on ESD Cubesat through new Spacesuite code

    9. High-Energy Radiation Testing and Effects on Spacecraft Materials Outgassing

    10. Radiation testing for space applications at ENEA Frascati 35 MeV proton linear accelerator

    11. Status and Future of Research on Plume Induced Contamination

    12. Spacecraft Molecular Return Flux Considerations for Missions Targeting Detection of Organics with Mass Spectrometers