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  • 4. Cyber-security threats to space missions and countermeasures to address them


    1. Breaking the Golden Chain of Transparency: Crosslinks between cyber threat and blockchain within space and gold industries

    2. Software Anti-Satellite Capabilities: Developing Software Tools to Counter Nefarious and Rogue State Spacecraft

    3. New Internet satellite constellations to increase cyber risk in ill prepared industries

    4. Comparison of Software based vs. Hardware Accelerated AES-128 Encryption Algorithm for Secure Communication with Nanosatellites

    5. Behavior Computation to Validate Aerospace Software Cyber Security: A Knowledge Management Process

    6. Hybrid artificial intelligence as a defence against cyber-interference of military satellites

    7. Cybersecurity for space as part of Security Policy in Europe

    8. Security-compliant cyber measures for satellite systems

    9. Cyber Protection Best Practices For Small Satellites

    10. What space missions can learn from cyber-security breaches and counter-measures in the Telecommunications industry

    11. using optical communication to enhance data Security

    . A holistic approach to space cyber-security