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  • 3. Enabling safe commercial spaceflight: vehicles and spaceports


    1. Analyzing Spaceport Feasibility via an Augmented Policy and Business Framework

    2. Suborbital Space Safety Assessment

    3. Case Study: Design of a Spaceport in Several Locations for Space Tourism Viability

    4. end to end approach to flexible and sustainable commercial spaceflight initiatives: evaluation of operational scenarios, safety aspects, spaceports and associated economic elements

    5. The Michigan Launch Initiative – Creating a New Polar Orbit Launch Site Using Existing Infrastructure

    6. Rockets in the Airspace: Legal Implications of Aircrafts and Launchers Interactions

    7. UK Launch Flight Safety Considerations and Research

    8. Commercial Human Spaceflight Developments in Japan - The Status of Vehicles and Spaceports

    9. Commercial Spaceflight Regulation: A Comparative Analysis of US, UK and New Zealand Space Law

    10. A study on potential spaceports for suborbital space tourism in Taiwan

    11. New Public-Private Partnership Model in Italian Space sector

    . Small satellite vertical launch services at the Sutherland Scottish spaceport – update from LaunchUK

    . Third-Party Liability & Commercial Spaceports Around the World