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  • 3. On Track - Undergraduate Space Education


    1. Preparing the Next Generation STEM Workforce Through Authentic NASA Experiences

    2. Fly a Rocket! A Norwegian-ESA educational program

    3. Interdisciplinary Space Lab: Undergraduate curriculum innovation utilising astronaut health and wellbeing requirements for long duration space missions (LDMs)

    4. Replicable student rocket program model for universities in developing countries, the case of the Costa Rica Institute of Technology.

    5. ESA Academy's Training and Learning Programme: training opportunity for University students

    6. Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering program at the School of Engineering of the National Autonomous University of México

    7. Cross-Training Scheme for an Active Learning Program on Space Trials in the Space Education Program of the Tokyo University of Science

    8. From Stratospheric Experiments to CubeSat Development: Lessons Learned from the S5Lab Participation into ESA Hands-on Educational Programmes

    9. Early assessment of the `Canadian Reduced Gravity Experiment Design Challenge': Examining the impact of Canada’s first microgravity research competition for students

    10. The Student Aerospace Challenge, a unique contest and tertiary educational programme in Europe

    11. The APUS Supernova Search Program: A Scientific Leadership and Research Opportunity for Graduate and Undergraduate Students.

    12. Summer of Code: bringing together students with Open-Source space organizations

    . Mars Science from the perspective of introducing university students to scientific research