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  • The Effectiveness of Innovative Internship Opportunities.

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    Ms. Salama Almansoori, United Arab Emirates, UAE Space Agency



    One of the most pivotal activities as part of the mandate for the UAE Space Agency (UAESA) is the emphasized importance of attracting graduate students to the sector, be it to work at the agency, or in the industry more generally. The UAESA is committed to preparing and qualifying these students by providing practical training opportunities in various fields at the Agency, or with entities we work closely with, both domestically and internationally. The purpose of such training for students is to equip them with the skills and knowledge that can guide them to selecting optimal avenues in their career path. This internship training focuses on job objectives, time management, competency skills, innovation in space, and implementation of research projects in the space sector in the UAE. The methodical process we employ are includes the collection of information from different departments and identifying key needs they have then matching a potential student/trainee with them for the internship opportunity. In the cases of students, we also coordinate closely with Universities to ensure appropriate filtration of talent to suit the requirements and ensure that once the student returns, universities can hone the passion they developed in the sector and guide their remaining education with that consideration.  The result of these internships are evident both in the short term, and have a lasting effect on the long term which is why the UAESA places such an emphasis on this function within its mandate. With regard to placements, we employ a similar methodology with partner academic institutions or industry players, both domestically and abroad. The UAESA has several notable examples of successes from this approach that can be useful lessons learned in creating a mutually beneficial approach for all involved.
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