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  • Pre - feasibility evaluation for the implementation of a Space Studies Program for Management students in South America

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    Mrs. Nicole Villanueva Justino, Peru, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru



    Education is the key to global safety and sustainability; the space sector is a driver for its development. According to the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, a new global education with inclusive and equitable quality and lifelong learning opportunities for all is the fundamental strategy for peace and prosperity for people and the planet. South America currently faces major challenges related to competitiveness, productivity and innovation in the Space sector. This research is oriented on demonstrate, by applying a pre-feasibility analysis, the benefits and opportunities of a Space Studies Program for Management students as a disruptive solution for the expansion and profitability of the Space sector in south American countries integrating educational organizations, private sector, government and society in general. We need to raise awareness of the usefulness of space science and technologies in the articulation of the main sectors involved in south America’s economic growth and show the relevance for offering educational programs with training activities that include design, development, testing, start-up and evaluation of space operations and projects for undergraduate and graduate students of Management and Business schools. The feasibility of this program is based on identification, evaluation and prioritization of risks considering the financial, geographical and technological limitations of space sector in South America. Our best outcome will be highly trained professionals with the capabilities to implement projects with an strategic plan for stakeholders engagement, design of financial projections to support private, public and international investments and develop a diversified portfolio of attractive business plans understanding the dynamics of gross domestic product structure and distribution, comparative advantages and technical specifications of space technologies, stocks and financial derivatives and entrepreneurship environment in south American countries in order to create an space ecosystem. Efficiency requires to unify assets. The design and methodology of this academic program is focused on encourage and exponentially enhance future Management professionals to be part of the space revolution and contribute to solving regional problems related to extreme poverty, informal job, drug smuggling, climate change, study and exploitation of natural resources and energy sources, waste management, control and prevention of natural disasters and use of information and communications technologies; all of which are topics where space science and technologies and management skills are essential to reduce budget costs and development time of operations and processes, enable resource reutilization and design a supply chain network to establish collaboration alliances and strengthen south American space cooperation.
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