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  • 1. Student Conference - Part 1


    1. Fast Star Tracker hardware implementation on a FPGA device.

    2. Study and Analysis of MEMS-based Microvalve for Propulsion Systems

    3. Design and Thermal Analysis of a Solar Thermal Microthruster for a Lunar mission

    4. A fuel-free and agile attitude maneuver of space membrane structures using electromagnetic force in LEO

    5. Variation of a rocket’s engine thrust relative to external pressure

    6. design of low energy escape trajectory and delta v reduction

    7. implementation of dynamic routing algorithm for space networking using cots obcs

    8. Integrated experimental campaign to validate numerical modal analysis on a Fused Deposition Modelling CubeSat primary structure: a smart test methodology for increasing students learning capabilities

    9. Navigation Guidance and Control Algorithms Validation of Rendezvous and Docking using Robotic Manipulators

    10. Design, manufacturing and flight test of custom model rocket

    11. Alternative Concept for Energy Production at Lunar Poles using Thermoelectric Generators

    12. Cooling solutions for embedded system