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    1. Mars Helicopter 2.0: Surveying the Red Planet for Future Human and Robotic Explorers

    2. Experiment Results and post-flight Analysis of the ISS Student Experiment PAPELL

    3. In Situ Martian Additive Manufacturing

    4. Design and Comparative Analysis of Novel Techniques for Reaction Wheel Torque Control in Accordance with Attitude Control Law of Satellite

    5. Orpheus: A Novel Approach to Lunar Surface Access Utilizing the NASA Lunar Gateway

    6. Micrometeoroid Impact Detection and Suppression for ISS EVAs

    7. CRATOS: A Cis-Lunar Reusable semi-Autonomous Transport Operation System

    8. Developing and Testing CubeSat Subsystems Towards Creation of A University CubeSat Bus

    9. Design of Attitude Determination and Control System for Autonomous Docking of Small Satellites

    10. AIMIS - Additive Manufacturing in Space by Extrusion of UV-curable polymer resin