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  • 4. Educational Pico and Nano Satellites


    1. Analysis of optimal reaction wheel configurations for integrated three axes control for On-Orbit Servicing nanosatellites

    2. High School Team DaVinci Lights Up Minds Around the World

    3. Lessons Learned from an undergraduate university’s first CubeSat

    4. Dynamic Orbit Determination Of Low Earth Orbit Cubesat

    5. Device for passive CubeSats deorbiting

    6. Design and Manufacturing of GalileiCubeSat : a Nano-Satellite for High School and University hands-on Education

    7. Design and Testing of a Solar Panel Deployment Mechanism for a Solar Sailing Nanosatellite

    8. Design and Testing of a Solar Sail Deployment Unit for a Solar Sailing Nanosatellite

    9. Analysis of solar sailing as a means of orbit maneuvering for nanosatellites in low earth orbit

    10. Using Hard Drive Based Reaction Wheels for Attitude Control on the TSAT5 CubeSat

    11. Cubear, a project to teach about Satellite Applications

    12. Tackling Constraints and Risks In an All-Student CubeSat Build