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  • 1. Memoirs, Organizational, Scientific and Technical Histories


    1. Otto Paul Fuchs – a forgotten Austrian pioneer of rocketry and his rocket launches in summer of 1928

    2. Geoffrey E. Perry MBE and the Kettering Grammar School Satellite Tracking Unit, ca. 1960 - 1984

    3. Aldo Zeoli, Chief of Argentine Rocketeers

    4. From Contamination to Sterilization to Quarantine To Protection: The Significance Of Terminology On An Interplanetary Scale

    5. Early Lunar base Design – from sketch to the first Moon Landing

    6. The High Altitude Research Project: Australia’s First Rockoon Program

    7. The Early History of Canadian Planetary Exploration

    8. The fascinating history of how The Family Portrait of the Solar System by Voyager 1 Finally Came to be.

    9. Foreword to Spaceflight: An Illustrated Bibliographical History of Spaceflight

    10. How space organisations adapt to changing environments over time