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  • 2. History of US Contribution to Astronautics Post WWII


    1. Aerojet Engineering Corporation: Stimulation and Creation 1935-1942

    2. The spy race: First developments on US spy satellites during the cold war.

    3. The Mars Project 1948 to 1956 A.A.Jackson Triton Systems LLC Houston Texas

    4. A Look at The Durant and Ordway Relationship and How They Impacted Spaceflight

    5. Joseph Gavin and MIT’s Contribution to Aeronautics and Astronautics

    6. Pioneering Private Spaceflight: Robert Truax and His Volks Rocket Project

    7. Beyond Hidden Figures: An Exploration of African American Women in Space and Their Contributions to the Space Endeavor

    8. Creating Space for Science: From Apollo to Skylab

    9. The Failure of Apollo: NASA's Mistakes - and Ours

    10. From the Moon to Mars: The common threads - mapping celestial bodies

    11. "The Gorgons: America's First Family of Missiles, 1943-1953"