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  • The value of art as an urban intervention for extraterrestrial settlements and its impact on the subconscious perception of time and space

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    Ms. Monika Lipinska, France, International Space University


    Ms. Weronika Sojka, France



    Throughout the years and centuries, our civilisation has been driven by the imperative for
    development and discovery of the unknown. We can see its manifestations when analysing the character of urban tissue around the world and the way it is constructed. Urban tissue is in a way a representation of human needs and processes driving us for construction, spreading and growing in a particular way. Some of the elements might differ depending on cultural or climatic conditions but vigilant observation permits us to define those that are omnipresent and repetitive regardless of any variables. One of them is a landmark. Arches, towers, pyramids, totems, obelisks, and even sculptures do not only have a decorative function in the city but more importantly, they highlight something significant and characteristic for its times. Now, facing the new chapter of human space exploration and building settlements on the Moon or Mars, while having a completely blank field for development, we can understand better our history, learn from it and set the base for further actions and project in completely new conditions. 
    This paper, supported by our proposal - The Lunar Exploration Arch - aims to visualise raised subject matter, underlines how analysing the character of the elements spottable in our surrounding, together with reasons for their existence in general, can serve for designing qualitative and agreeable habitats. It discusses the importance of those components for a better understanding of our own well-being, both on Earth and beyond its borders, where new societies will be forming. This paper analyses landmarks and their impact on humans’ subconscious perception of time and space and presents the psychological connection between their presence and being able to identify oneself with their environment. With this work, we aim to explain why an understanding of urban elements and patterns is crucial for any urban creation of our future colonies in a brand new, extraterrestrial way.
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