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  • KEYNOTE: The Overview Effect and the Arts

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    Mr. Frank White, United States, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)



    The Overview Effect is an experience of astronauts when they see the Earth from space and in space. Astronauts are typically trained as scientists and engineers, and they often assert that artists should have the Overview Effect experience.
    Indeed, the Overview Effect has been an attractive subject for artists of all kinds, from painters to filmmakers to musicians, and more.
    For example, Roger Goula, a London-based composer, has created a symphony called “Overview Effect.” 
    Daniela De Paulis launched the COGITO project which, among other things, monitors the brainwaves of subjects as they view images of the Earth.
    What draws so many artists to the Overview Effect? 
    Even more important may be the question of how the arts might be used to “bring the Overview Effect down to Earth,” transforming the awareness of the vast majority of the population.
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