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  • ESA BICs: enabling space entrepreneurship in non-ESA member states

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    Mr. Lluc Diaz, The Netherlands, ESA


    Mr. Frank M Salzgeber, The Netherlands, ESA


    Mr. Cornelis Eldering, The Netherlands, European Space Agency (ESA)



    In recent years ESA has been requested to support local “ESA” Business Incubation Centers in non-ESA Member States, which would function as a local hub for startups coming from the ESA BICs and at the same time support local start-ups.
    These centers would and could identify downstream markets where European companies have open access and where they can establish a competitive advantage over domestic businesses. These centers could serve as a “sales point” for commercial activates. Furthermore, the local centers could identify key technologies and commercial endeavors that could have a meaningful impact in Europe.
    These centers should be fully funded by the local partners and enable the collaboration between space entrepreneurs in Europe and in non-ESA Member States. 
    The first pilots of the ESA BICs in non-ESA member are being under discussion with several non-ESA members states with a strong entrepreneurial community with the potential to take advantage and support the center. In the next 6 months the first pilots will be initiated and with the learned lessons a scalable model will be proposed for other nations to take advantage of the collaboration with ESA.
    In this paper the main characteristics of an ESA BICs in non-ESA member states is presented as well as the requirements and conditions necessary to establish such center. The impact to the local and the international partners will also be presented.
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