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  • Results of Space Initiatives in Piemonte Region supporting Innovation and Internationalization of SME's

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    Ms. Margherita Resce, Italy


    Mr. Piero Messidoro, Italy


    Mrs. Diana Giorgini, Italy



    Piemonte Region in Italy is supporting the local SME's in their international business in the Space sector that is evolving in a so called Space 4.0 configuration where, beside the traditional Space Agencies and Institutions, other private and public actors are more and more active.
    Also the technologies of the Space systems and products are deeply changing through new paradigms based on innovation and sustainability and a New Space Economy era is now in front of us. This both in traditional markets e.g. low cost satellites constellation for TLC applications and in new emerging sectors e.g. Space Exploration Tourism.
    The space sector SME's have to invest in innovation and internationalization: in order to support them, the Piemonte Region is acting through its Agency -CEIPIEMONTE- that is involved in these activities by means of dedicated Integrated Project teams, promoting the aggregation of the companies.
    The Aerospace sector in Piemonte is a strategic axis of the regional policy, it accounts about 15000 employees and 4 BEuro of turnover. The presence of 6 big players, more than 300 SME's, 3 Universities and several Research centers confirms the Piemonte as one of the most important Aerospace districts in Europe.
    Recent Piemonte Agency Space initiatives have been preliminary presented at IAC 2018 in Bremen in their methodology and first steps (see IAC-18.E6.2.12) including Space Workshops and technical boards on innovative products.
    In the first Space Workshop 4 regional space key players were able to propose 8 innovative product ideas having possible application in market commercial projects in a few years. Following a well consolidated CEIPIEMONTE approach, 8 technical boards have been originated including the companies proposing the idea and those partners which were interested in the development of the new product on the basis of relevant competencies.
    In line with CEIPIEMONTE well consolidated practice, some SME's teams investigated the possibility to originate a cluster that is essential to improve their critical mass in front of the global competition. Such clusters are conceived with proper governance scheme that ensures win-win approach for the partners and flexible low cost organization.
    Other two Space Workshops have been organized in 2018 focusing respectively on the evaluation of the first 8 initiatives results and on the spatialization of 28 Environmental and Thermal Control equipment's coming from other sectors.
    The paper after an introduction on the Space market and regional background, will detail above results and will describe possible perspectives.
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