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  • 3. Innovation: The Academics' Perspectives


    1. What is Commercial Space? And Why Does that Matter?

    2. analytical outlook of the commercial space industry for the last frontier: an entrepreneurial potential evaluation of the african space sector.

    3. Applying the Diamond Approach to the Competitiveness of the African Space Industry - A Case Study of Ghana

    4. Finance and Investment needs of Space SMEs in Europe: a survey-based analysis

    5. How does New space accelerate managerial innovation. A sociological analysis of the “agile transformation” in the European space industry.

    6. Drivers and Barriers for Cross-Sectoral Collaboration between the Aerospace and the Security/Defence Sectors

    7. The Effects Of Institutional Logics On Entrepreneurship In The Space Sector. The case of the Czech Republic

    8. Research on the Development Path of Aerospace Industry Based on Business Model Innovation

    9. Enablers, Equippers, Shapers and Movers: A Typology of Innovation Intermediaries Interventions and the Development of an Emergent Innovation System

    10. reflections on the development of the indonesian space industry

    11. Fostering Creativity and Innovation within Science and Technology Teams

    12. Why Solve NASA Open Innovation Challenges? An analysis of solver motivations from NASA’s Astrobee Challenge Series

    13. Does only innovation stimulates New Space?