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  • 4. Strategic Risk Management for Successful Space & Defence Programmes


    1. KEYNOTE: Managing Risk in the Effort to Maintain Orbital Sustainability

    2. Impacts of High-Volume Production (HVP) on Space Systems

    3. ERM and cognitive biases in the space projects field

    4. Enterprise Risk Management and Space Insurance

    5. Will Commercial Spaceflight Deliver?

    6. Industry Support Mechanisms for Aerospace: The roadmapping approach

    7. Knowledge Management as mitigation of strategic risks

    8. Risk mitigation based on innovative solutions

    9. Creating startups with NASA technology: reducing risks for NASA, investors and entrepreneurs through a public-private partnership

    10. The role of national space policy in addressing outer space security challenges

    11. Certification of a Point to Point space transportation vehicle

    12. Trade Controls and Risk Management

    13. Probabilistic Risk Assessment as Part of the Risk Management Process at JPL

    . The Astronaut job challenges and their respective associated risks