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  • 1. Dr. Jasentuliyana Keynote lecture by a leading space law expert and IISL Young Scholars session


    1. KEYNOTE: International Cooperation Mechanisms in Outer Space Activities for the Next Decade

    2. The importance of an international funding mechanism for Active Debris Removal in LEO

    3. Dividing Heaven - Effects of the Wolf amendment on the developing system of global space governance

    4. The Role of International Territorial Administration in (semi)permanent lunar presence

    5. The Plight of Valinor: A Realist’s Approach to the Development of Space Law in Future Mars Colonial Society

    6. A Treaty of Many Minds: An In-Depth Look at the Travaux Préparatoires of the Principles Declaration of 1963

    7. On-Orbit Servicing: Repairing, Refuelling and Recycling the Legal Framework

    8. The Moon Agreement after 35 years of its entry into force

    9. Space mining and environmental protection: recycling international agreements into new legal practices

    10. Playing Defense: States' Right to Self-Defense in Space

    11. Space Objects as Ocean’s Wrecks

    12. Analyzing the legality of Military use of resources extracted from the Moon under the Outer Space treaty

    13. The documentation of human rights violations by satellites: the Satellite Sentinel Project