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  • 2. Dispute Settlement in Space Law: Are We Ready for the Commercial Challenge?


    1. The Subjects of International Space Law

    2. Disputes in Satellite Communications: Settlement Mechanisms Available for Breach of Coordination Agreements

    3. arbitration in space-related disputes: a survey of industry practices and future needs

    4. Resolution of disputes regarding infringement of intellectual property rights related to space activities

    5. Immunity, exclusive competence clauses and torts: does the EU legal framework allow the effective enforcement of law in the commercial era of space activities?

    6. Space Courts: Do we need a new dispute settlement body?

    7. Pros and Cons of Future Problems in Outer Space Dispute Settlement

    8. Alternative Dispute Resolution for Space Prospectors

    9. Dispute Settlement in Relation to the Scarce Orbit-Spectrum Resource – ‘Preventive’ and ‘Reactive’ ITU Procedures and their Relevance for Private Sector Actors

    10. Harmonisation of liability litigation- Lessons to be learnt from the Warsaw Convention

    11. Article VI Outer Space Treaty as a gateway to extending state immunity before domestic courts to non-governmental space operators

    12. Up in Space and down on Earth: A Revisit to Potential Disputes over Contractual Liability Regarding Mishaps in Commercial Space Activities

    . Dispute Settlement: A Radical New Solution

    . From Res Nullius to Common Heritage of Humanity