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  • 5. Space Mining: National Authority? International Authority? Both?


    1. The 40th anniversary of the Moon Agreement: time for reflection

    2. Reviewing the Moon Agreement or Amending the Outer Space Treaty – Views of UNCOPUOS Member States

    3. An International Registry and Registrar for Priority Rights to Extract Resources on Celestial Bodies

    4. Get Your Hands off My Asteroid: Priority and Security in Space Resources

    5. the case for an international registry of space resource activities: current perspectives

    6. Space Mining: Accounting for National Activities in International Regulation through the Delineation between National and International Jurisdiction

    7. Multilateral Agreements For Real Property Rights In The Solar System

    8. The impact of planetary protection in providing an appropriate legal framework for space mining

    9. Regulation of Commercial Mining of Space Resources on Celestial Bodies at National and International Level: An analysis of the 1979 Moon Agreement and the National Law Approach

    10. Prescribing the Best Medicine for the Struggling Space Mining Industry: An International Regulatory Agency or Technology Development Centers?

    11. An extra-terrestrial ‘gold rush’: A framework based on national laws, international legal developments and a dose of futures imagination

    12. Space Mining: The Need for International Global Governance