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  • IP. Interactive Presentations - 29th IAA SYMPOSIUM ON SMALL SATELLITE MISSIONS


    1. Cost effective smallsat Jilin constellation and its innovative business model

    2. Simulation of a space vehicle on an approach mission to a target in low and medium orbit using hypergolic propellent system and light and medium range detection method

    3. HADES: A Smallsat Mission to Characterize Radio Foregrounds in the Lunar Environment

    4. Spacecraft as a Service, an open-source approach

    5. thermal vacuum tests campaign for the sport cubesat qualification and validation

    6. LOVE: a modular architecture of altitude-control balloon for Venus exploration missions

    7. Human and Technological Capacity Building through the Sharjah-Sat-1 CubeSat Project

    8. Experimental Testing of Range-based Relative Positioning Strategies for a Swarm of Centimetre-scale Femtospacecraft

    10. Next on the pad: the E-band technology demonstration CubeSat EIVE

    11. The AFR mission – The first satellite produced by Azista BST Aerospace’s satellite factory

    12. AI-Based Spacecraft Formation and Coordination approach for Distributed Space Systems and Decision Making

    13. A toolset for development, configuration, and operation of Software-Defined Satellite Platforms

    14. Advances in LEOpar mission design: The Colombian satellite based on a CubeSat 3U bus for Earth observation

    15. S-band communication subsystem for a hyperspectral CubeSat mission

    16. Visible Light Communication Algorithms for Small Spacecraft Formation Flying and Swarm Control

    17. The software architecture of proximity space communication for small Mars mission

    18. Nanosatellite Proposal for Monitoring the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly (SAMA) and Plasmaspheric Hiss over the Intertropical Zone of South America in Interplanetary Shocks

    19. Minimizing Downlink Time of Hyperspectral Images on a CubeSat by performing classification based on Convolutional Neural Networks


    21. Development of a Lunar CubeSat for the in-situ geological spectral determination at Shackleton crater

    22. project aptas - development of a 1U cubesat payload for independent calibration and testing of eiscat3d.

    23. ESCAPADE: A Low-Cost Formation at Mars

    24. TOLOSAT : student CubeSat for Gravimetry application

    25. Experience Feedback on Effects of In-Orbit FPA Temperature on Radiometric Performance of Alsat-1B Optical Imager

    26. Flight Test Results of a Miniaturized Space-borne GPS/QZSS Receiver

    27. Aurora: A Small Satellite Constellation for Auroral Oval Monitoring

    28. Analysis of Attitude Control System Flight Results of the Earth-Remote Sensing Nanosatellite OrbiCraft-Zorkiy

    29. BIRDS-DB: A Store and Forward CubeSat Mission Data Management and Distribution System for Ground Sensor Terminal Networks of Developing Countries

    30. Environmental Satellite to Monitor Real-Time Environmental Parameter Changes in Response to Increased Climate Action

    31. Thermospheric Density Observations from APOD Satellites and Comparison with New Empirical Models

    32. Enabling Lidar Instruments for Small Satellite Earth Observation Missions

    33. Observing M Dwarfs UV and optical flares from a CubeSat and their implications for exoplanets habitability

    34. Preparing for the Operation of the GNSS-R payload of the TRITON Mission

    38. Miniature Hall Effect Thruster based Cubesat for Lunar and Mars Orbiter Exploration Spacecraft with Onboard Closed Cathode Hydrogen-Oxygen Fuel Cell System.

    39. The Space Missions Laboratory at the Technical University of Munich: Rapid Satellite Missions for Space Research

    40. Moon to Moon services – Lunar Pathfinder and future Lunar Comms and Nav constellation to connect lunar assets to each other and back to Earth, starting 2025

    41. VIBE - novel self-diagnostic system based on AI and dedicated for smallsats

    42. Large-Scale low Earth orbit satellite constellation design and performance evaluation methods

    43. Preliminary study about the implementation of a structural battery on a 1U CubeSat

    44. Preliminary mission overview and design technique of lunar CubeSat onboard Chnge'E6

    45. A Small Deployable Cassegrain Reflector Antenna for Smallsat Applications

    46. Preliminary Design of the Radiation Protection for the small satellite ROMEO in the lower Medium Earth Orbit

    47. Design of a SAR CubeSat Formation Flight Constellation for Maritime Surveillance

    48. Line-of-sight navigation observability analysis for near-Earth asteroids exploration with cubesat

    49. Distributed On-Board Computing on Scientific CubeSat Missions

    50. Analysis of Sun-acquisition Magnetic Attitude Control for Nanosatellite Using a Hardware-in-the-loop Satellite Simulator

    51. CubeSats: The way forward from educational tools towards reliable technologies

    52. stop analysis of small astronomical satellite payloads

    53. Electrical and Thermal Battery Management to Support Deep-Space Exploration: LICIACube Example

    54. QlevEr Sat: Using AI in a cubesat (6U) for Earth Observation

    55. A Thrusted Small Satellite using Hall-effect for Smart Deployment of CubeSat Constellations

    56. Mapping Coastal Dynamism from Space: A Small Satellite Application for the Onboard Automatic Extraction of Coastal Boundaries

    57. fossasat-2e constellation: unleashing space-based satiot for industrial applications through picosatellites

    58. multi-level fault diagnosis for laser ranging system in gravitational wave detection

    59. Effective CubeSat Designs for Passive Attitude Stabilization using Aerodynamic Drag

    60. The Oracle Ocean Health Monitoring Mission

    61. Magnetic Cleanliness Verification of Miniature Satellites for High Precision Pointing

    62. Experimental Results from the Satellite for Orbital Aerodynamics Research (SOAR) Mission

    63. Hardware and Software Redundancy Concepts on-board of SONATE-2

    64. Design and Faulty Diagnosis for Microsatellite Attitude Control System

    65. From a BlueprintEditor to an intelligent payload data processing onboard: SpacEdge Flight SW Framework