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  • 3-GTS.4. Student Team Competition


    1. 3U CubeSat mission to assess vegetation hydration status and hydrological instability risk

    2. Biodomo Project: An automated aeroponic hermetically contained system to grow crops under harsh environmental conditions

    2. Characterization of the dampening of liquid sloshing with foam-like materials

    3. Breaking the Barriers: Implementation of Flight Software for University Small Satellite Missions

    3. The modulatory effect of altered gravity on drug resistance in human ovarian cancer cells.

    4. project draco : detection of radiations in cislunar space orbits

    4. BUTCube – road for CubeSat In-orbit Solar Eclipse Observation mission utilizing 1U demonstrator

    5. design and validation of a lab-scale methalox fuel plant for in-situ propellant production on mars

    6. Detailed design of IonSat : A station-keeping mission at altitudes below 300km

    7. Interpreting LRIT from GK2A Satellite: Communication for everyone

    8. Fundamental Research of Ferrofluids

    9. Interferometric Baseline Enlargement with Passive Reflectors for Geosynchronous Orbit Determination Precision Enhancement

    10. Low-Cost Attitude Determination and Control System of the Student-Built 3U+ CubeSat SOURCE

    11. modular portable ecosystems: a sustainable and scalable food production model

    12. Preliminary design of lunar vehicle for astronauts transportation

    13. STRATHcube: A CubeSat Against Space Debris

    14. Stratos IV: Development of a student sounding rocket capable of launching to 100 km altitude

    15. wanka - a mission to measure stratospheric aerosols concentration using low-cost commercial sensors onboard a high-altitude balloon