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  • 5. Guidance, Navigation & Control (3)


    2. Trajectory Optimization, Guidance and Control of Low-Thrust Orbit Transfers from the Lunar Gateway to Low Lunar Orbits

    3. The EXTREMA Autonomous Guidance Algorithm for Low-Thrust Interplanetary Spacecraft

    4. On the dynamics and control of a spacecraft observing exoplanets via the Solar Gravitational Lens

    5. KAMnet – Applying Machine Learning Techniques for Optical Navigation in Earth Observation Missions

    7. Universal Function and Primer Vector Theory for Fuel-optimal Lambert Problem

    8. A new form of osculating Keplerian approximation of N-Body non-Keplerian motion for the design of GNC algorithms

    9. OpNav-Only Station Keeping on NRHO using Stochastic Predictive Control

    10. Particle Swarm Optimization based Tracking Window Planning for Cislunar Orbiters Performing Autonomous Radiometric Navigation