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    « Small Satellite Missions » refers to the class a of missions conducted using satellites weighing less than 1000 kg. For clarity, we further classify small satellites as microsats if they weigh less than 100 kg; nanosats or cubesats if they weigh less than 10 kg; and picosats if they weigh less than 1 kg. This Symposium, organised by the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), addresses Small Satellite missions and projects in Science, Exploration, and Technology for government, industry, and academic programmes. The Symposium scope encompasses space science (B4.2), earth observation (B4.4), and exploration (B4.8) missions, as well as the cross-cutting topics of small satellite programmes in developing countries (B4.1), cost-effective operations (B4.3), affordable and reliable space access (B4.5), emerging and promising technologies (B4.6A and B4.6B), and cross-platform compatibility applications and standards (B4.7). Abstracts highlighting ingenuity or innovation are preferred. Where possible, abstracts should have a wide interest in the community and include transferable knowledge or lessons learned. This is in keeping with our commitment to meeting the needs of the small satellite community. This Symposium will be accepting submissions for oral presentations only.

    IPC members
    • Coordinator: Ms. Rhoda Shaller Hornstein, United States;

    • Coordinator: Mr. Alex da Silva Curiel, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL), United Kingdom;





    1. 16th Workshop on Small Satellite Programmes at the Service of Developing Countries

    2015-10-13 09:45

    Eshkol 1 (ICC, lower level)

    2. Small Space Science Missions

    2015-10-12 15:15

    Eshkol 1 (ICC, lower level)

    3. Small Satellite Operations

    2015-10-13 14:45

    Eshkol 1 (ICC, lower level)

    4. Small Earth Observation Missions

    2015-10-14 09:45

    Eshkol 1 (ICC, lower level)

    5. Access to Space for Small Satellite Missions

    2015-10-14 14:45

    Eshkol 1 (ICC, lower level)

    6A. Generic Technologies for Small/Micro Platforms

    2015-10-15 09:45

    Eshkol 1 (ICC, lower level)

    6B. Generic Technologies for Nano/Pico Platforms

    2015-10-15 14:45

    Eshkol 1 (ICC, lower level)

    7. Space Systems and Architectures Featuring Cross-Platform Compatibility

    2015-10-16 13:30

    Eshkol 1 (ICC, lower level)

    8. Small Spacecraft for Deep-Space Exploration

    2015-10-16 09:45

    Eshkol 1 (ICC, lower level)