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    IAC-15 — 66th International Astronautical Congress


    The Young Professional Virtual Forum is a technical session oriented towards young space professionals allowing for sharing of information on a global scale with presenters and audience both at the IAC venue and online at their home/work/university locations. There are two types of VFs: 1-Separate or supplemental IAC session with abstract selection. 2-Broadcast of existing IAC session at the venue.


    Kathleen Coderre
    Lockheed Martin (Space Systems Company)United States

    Guillaume Girard

    YPVF.2-B3.9. Human Spaceflight Young Professional Virtual Forum

    The Human Space Endeavours Young Professionals Virtual Forum is targeting individuals and organisations with the objective of sharing best practices, future projects, research and issues for the future of Human Space Endeavours. This is a virtual session co-sponsored by the Human Space Endeavours Committee and the Workforce Development/Young Professionals Programme Committee.


    Cristian Bank

    Guillaume Girard

    YPVF.3-B2.8. Space Communications and Navigation Young Professionals Virtual Forum

    A virtual session to present and discuss developments in a wide range of satellite communication topics, including fixed, mobile, broadcasting, and data relay technologies and services, as well as those for satellite based position determination, navigation, and timing. Both Earth orbital and interplanetary space communications topics can be addressed. This session is co-sponsored by the Space Communications and Navigation Committee and the Workforce Development/Young Professionals Programme Committee.


    Edward W. Ashford
    Graz University of Technology (TU Graz)United States

    Kevin Shortt
    Airbus Defence & SpaceGermany

    YPVF.4-E2.3. Student Team Competition

    Undergraduate and graduate level students teams present papers on any subject related to space sciences, industry or technology. These papers will represent the work of the authors (three or more students). Students presenting in this session will compete for the Hans von Muldau Team Award. The guidelines for the student competition will be distributed from the session chairs to the authors after abstract acceptance.


    Naomi Mathers
    Space Industry Association of AustraliaAustralia

    Carolyn Knowles
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)United States

    YPVF.5-A6.10. Space Debris Young Professionals Virtual Forum

    A safe and secure space environment is a requirement for all current and future space activities. The sustainability of the space environment is today challenged by a number of threats, the most pressing one being the alarming proliferation of space debris. Space debris has become a major concern for all current as well as future space actors. This virtual session will be a multi-disciplinary forum on emerging issues related to space debris, aimed at raising awareness around this critical threat to space activities. This discussion will present the challenges presented by this threat and how it is currently being addressed at the international, regional and national levels and will seek to explore the way forward. This virtual session will be organised by the IAF Technical Committee on Space Security and the IAF Space Debris Committee.


    Charlotte Mathieu
    European Space Agency (ESA)France

    Kevin Stube
    The Planetary SocietyUnited States


    Christophe Bonnal
    European Conference for Aero-Space Sciences (EUCASS)France