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    Medicine in Space and Extreme Environments


    Over the last decades numerous space missions and experiments have taken place. The use of microgravity as a tool to study new fundamentals of life revealed a substantial number of new scientific insights and surprises. Space is the most famous extreme environment but different extreme environments also exist on Earth, such as high altitudes, confined and isolated environments like Antarctica and Arctica or even submarines. Results from research in these environments can be successfully applied for the benefits of human beings both in space and on Earth. This session will cover the latest scientific results and technological achievements from medical-physiological or psychological research in extreme environments for the benefit on Earth.

    IPC members
    • Co-Chair: Prof. Oleg Orlov, SSC RF-Institute of Biomedical Problems RAS, Russian Federation;

    • Co-Chair: Prof. Hanns-Christian Gunga, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany;

    • Rapporteur: Dr. Jeffrey R. Davis, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Johnson Space Center, United States;

    • Rapporteur: Dr. Jancy McPhee, SciArt Exchange, United States;