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    Utilization & Exploitation of Human Spaceflight Systems


    This session addresses the utilization and exploitation of space stations and human spacecraft and provides the opportunity to discuss achievements, plans and outlooks. Topics for discussion include proposed or available payload facilities, experiments, research, manufacturing, and other on-orbit activity and its related planning, accommodation, and implementation. Additional items appropriate for discussion include scientific and industrial utilization applications and engineering research and technology demonstrations, as well as uses of space stations (ie. International Space Station and Chinese Space Station Tjangong) and other crewed vehicles as test beds for exploration. We also invite papers on challenges for future sustainability of human spaceflight which may be investigated through utilization of on-orbit crew and crewed platforms. These may include investigation of in-situ resources and other potential economic and technological enablers, results of advanced manufacturing tests and demonstrations, and reduction and mitigation of risks.

    IPC members
    • Co-Chair: Mr. Cristian Bank, Eumetsat, Germany;

    • Co-Chair: Ms. Eleanor Morgan, United States;