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    Tools and Technology in Support of Integrated Applications


    The session will focus on specific systems, tools and technology in support of integrated applications and address the various issues associated with the design of space and ground systems, the kind of data they collect, how they collect data, and how the data are integrated and distributed to address key user needs. Possible topics include: ground-truthing of space data; innovative, low-cost tools for space data distribution and access; new ways of distributing integrated data products; data fusion and visualization tools especially those using COTS systems; managing integrated applications programmes; education and outreach for integrated programmes, etc…

    IPC members
    • Co-Chair: Dr. Larry Paxton, The John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, United States;

    • Co-Chair: Ms. Roberta Mugellesi-Dow, European Space Agency (ESA), United Kingdom;

    • Co-Chair: Mr. Boris Penne, OHB System AG, Germany;

    • Rapporteur: Ms. Beatrice Barresi, ESA, United Kingdom;