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    Joint Small Satellite/Space Debris Session to promote the long-term sustainability of space


    This session facilitates bilateral discussions between Small Satellite and Space Debris communities for a shared understanding of the challenges/issues and to promote practical small satellite solutions for the long-term sustainability of space. It will include topics such as: - Orbital debris mitigation solutions for small satellites and mega constellations - Small satellite orbital debris mitigation lessons learned, best practices and expected norms of behavior (including minimization of post-mission orbit lifetime, trackability) - Orbital debris mitigation compliance statistics and monitoring methods (for both small and large satellites) - Stakeholder education (bilateral) - Collision and warning risk assessment techniques and resulting estimates - Mitigation of risks to other operational spacecraft (ISS, etc.) - Small satellite propulsive requirements, methods and technology - Small satellite orbit regulation concepts - Small satellite deorbit technologies and lessons learned - Small satellite mission assurance, reliability and lessons learned - Small satellite deployment best practices and lessons learned - Tracking organization and small satellite operator interplay - Orbit, maneuver, and scenario data exchange.

    IPC members
    • Co-Chair: Dr. Darren McKnight, Integrity Applications Incorporated (IAI), United States;

    • Co-Chair: Dr. Igor Usovik, Central Research Institute of Machine Building (TSNIIMASH), Russian Federation;

    • Rapporteur: Ms. Upasana Dasgupta, Institute of Air and Space Law, McGill University, Canada;