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    Space Vehicles – Mechanical/Robotic/Thermal/Fluidic Systems


    The topics to be addressed include novel technical concepts for mechanical/robotic/thermal/fluidic systems and subsystems of launchers, manned and unmanned spacecraft, re-entry vehicles and small satellites. Advanced subsystems and design of future exploration missions will be covered, considering issues arising from material selection, cost efficiency and reliability, and advancements in space vehicle development with respect to engineering analysis, manufacturing, and test verification. It is also planned to discuss the issues of experimental and computational simulation of functioning and full-scale tests of space vehicles and their systems/subsystems. Attention will be paid to the problem of verification and validation of mathematical models for the design and experimental development of these objects at various phases of their life cycle.

    IPC members
    • Co-Chair: Prof. Oleg Alifanov, Moscow Aviation Institute, Russian Federation;

    • Co-Chair: Dr. Brij Agrawal, Naval Postgraduate School, United States;

    • Rapporteur: Prof. Guoliang Mao, Beijing Institute of Aerodynamics, China;