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    Strategies & Architectures as the Framework for Future Building Blocks in Space Exploration and Development


    Future scenarios for sustainable exploration and development in space will unfold in the context of global conditions that vary greatly from those of the 1950s-1970s (the first generation of space programmes, driven by international competition), or those of the 1980s-2000s (the second generation of space programmes, enabled by international cooperation). Looking to the future, it is likely that space-faring countries will pursue their goals and objectives in a more building-block fashion focused on developing high-value future space capabilities, rather than through massive, geo-politically driven programmes. Increasingly, these developments may also reflect future commercial space opportunities. As a result, it is important that the international community should engage in an ongoing discussion of strategies and architectures to frame a “building block” approach to our future in space. Such a discussion should involve sustainable budgets and multiple-purpose system-of-systems capabilities that lead to a diverse range of future activities of broad benefit to humanity. This session, which is related to a prospective new International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) study group, will address strategies and architectural approaches that may allow a new paradigm, a “building block” approach, to be established among the space-faring countries. Papers are solicited in these and related areas.

    IPC members
    • Co-Chair: Mr. John C. Mankins, ARTEMIS Innovation Management Solutions, LLC, United States;

    • Co-Chair: Dr. Maria Antonietta Perino, Thales Alenia Space Italia, Italy;

    • Rapporteur: Prof. Anouck Girard, University of Michigan, United States;